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If we want to make a presentation, we should never forget to make a power point. Even though we have a limited time, we have to spend our time to make the power point if we want to make a a successful presentation. We might have good understanding about the material that we want to deliver, but without good and effective presentation, the audience will not be able to catch our message and automatically, we will be failed to be good presenter.

Based on the research, people will understand better if they are faced with audiovisual explanation, so do not ever make a presentation only with paper or verbal method. We might not add some audio to out power point, but the audio is come from our spoken word, and of course, the visual comes from the power point. The powerpoint presentation is able to give systematic image of our message so they will easily find our point. Good power point presentation will also help us to sell or our idea because we will make our interesting idea understandable and impressing.

For us who often get nervous attack when we are talking in front of public or making a presentation, the presentation powerpoint will able to reduce our nervous. It reduces our nervous because the audience split their attention to the power point and us, so they will not focus their attention and give a judging sight for us. Therefore, we must spend time to prepare power point for our presentation.


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