Powerpoint Presentation Tips : Easy Steps to Become an Expert on Presentation

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Every presenter have the same dream, fantastic and success presentation in front of audience. An expert absolutely have no problem to reach that dream, because they have deep knowledge and ability to attract audience, they also rich in experience especially in presentation in front of public. The matter is, how is the way to become or looks like an Expert, Expert in presentation respectively. There are three main differences between an expert and common presenter ; first is deep knowledge about the presentation material, the ability to drive audience and the way they speak.

To speak like an Expert, first thing to do is, understanding your presentation material and your audience. The material you prepare should be match with your audience characters or background. So, understanding  your audience is very essential, you need to know your audience age, job, education level, nationality, and other audience related preferences. Avoid to present materials which may not appropriate for some kind of audience.

Then, if you’ve get well informed about your audience characters, next thing is prepare your presentation material. To speak like an Expert, you have to know the basic theory of your materials, including the latest news or issues that related with your material and additional quotations from predecessor or famous people which related with your presentation content will increase audience perception of your presentation.

The last part is your speech speed, intonation or tone,  and volume . An Expert always speak clearly with best fit volume and suit speech speed, in the important part or point of content of presentation, they will increase speech volume and tone, and then break a second or two to give their audience a snapshot feeling. They also use their hand when speech in front of the audience and always relax to make the audience comfort and get the point of your powerpoint presentation.


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