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Lots of people try hard to make a great presentation, but sometimes they make it wrong. Be unique, that’s the only thing to make your powerpoint presentation stunning the audience, not only unique in your presentation content, but also the way you present in front of audience.

1.Unique Presentation Content

Pick a colorful and unique powerpoint templates to keep your audience eyes open at your powerpoint slide, this is very important thing but most people do not aware about it. After that, compose your presentation material into a friendly and clear looks, the purpose is to keep your presentation simple but interesting for your audience. Complex slide looks will make audience bored and feel headache.  Don’t forget to include some related interesting images or pictures on your powerpoint slide to convey your presentation point more effectively

2. The Way You Present

Don’t look at the floor or at the sky but keep starring at your audience. Eye contact will give them special feeling, but do not only stare at one audience, stare from the left side to the right side of your audience slowly, remember, slowly, and then keep staring at the center side of your audience, repeat it again after five minutes. Control your speech, do not speak too fast or too slow, speak with best fit volume which is clear to your audience, so they can understand what is the message you want to deliver. Tone, also hold important part, do not speak with flat tone or monotone, because it will make your audience feel sleepy. Make a difference intonation between important part, introduction part and ending part.

Unique is different, but it still follow the rules. We don’t encourage you to make some thing out from the border to become unique, just keep on the track and give a touch to make it different and attract your audiences.


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